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Free Gold Purity Check

Modern German XRF technology
Free 100% accurate result with No Gold loss
Accurate checking of gold without loss of weight or damage to the gold while testing.

Acid test is the simple and cheapest method used. Acid test kit contains a black touchstone and several acid solutions marked for different karats. Expert gold tester starts to scratch the black touchstone with gold and leaves a streak on the stone, then a parallel control streak using a piece of known gold is made. Finally a drop of acid solution on both streaks is made to compare the ensuring chemical reactions.

Electrical conductivity is used to identify the purity and quality of gold. Specific gel or liquid is used here to create a circuit between the device’s probe and gold. This method does not give more accurate purity of gold and there is a chance of loss of gold also exist.

XRF technology It is a German made purity checking machine which gives 100% accurate results with no gold loss. This machine sends radiation through gold which X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (XRF) detects and reads to determine the quality and purity of ornaments. By analyzing the radiation, the machine figures out exactly what the item is made of.

Karat system is used for the valuation of gold. 24 point -scale is considered as highest value with 100% pure gold where 12 karat gold is considered as 50% pure. Only gold bar and coin has 24 karat purity. Other jewelleries are of 22K, 20K, 18K etc. because they contain certain metals to make it strong, tighten and durable.

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