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Our Branches are also opening shortly in Tamilnadu, Andra Pradesh, Telangana, & Pondicherry

Gold buyers in Bangalore

  Sell gold for cash Bangalore

We buy your gold | We release your pledged gold | Best Price for your Old Gold
Akshaya gold company is considered to be the best professional Gold Buyers in Bangalore, We are present all-over Karnataka for providing best services for your gold. We provide business services for all locations, you can sell gold for cash which is near to your place.
Akshaya Gold Company will buy all kinds of used and unused ornaments for that we provide immediate cash for gold. We buy silver, platinum and Diamond and we evaluate your ornaments in front of you and give our honest reviews and provide the today’s online market price.
We also release your pledge gold from Banks, Pawn brokers and NBFC’s. In the time of releasing the gold we come along with you and release your gold and we check your ornaments in front you and we pay difference amount on spot or RTGS/NEFT we are located in Bangalore ,so you can sell gold near to you.

Are you in need of immediate cash for gold? Akshaya gold company is the “Best place to sell gold”. We give immediate spot cash for all kinds of ornaments.

When people want to pledge gold there are many options like banks, co-operative societies, pawn brokers and NBFC’s. In many cases people would be unable to pay the interest on monthly basis and struggling to release their pledged gold or being worried about how to release the pledged gold. For example: If someone pledged their gold with pawn brokers they will be ready to buy the gold but they will deduct the wastage and the pawn broker will scratch the gold to check the purity of gold ,As a result there is lot of lack in transparency .On this The customer will not be provided with the online price and there would not be sufficient funds available . So Akshaya gold company is the best place to sell gold for cash.

Do you want to sell your old or used gold at fair rates ? Visit any of our branches. We accept any kind of fine jewellery, broken gold, scrap gold, used diamond, silver etc.

Akshaya Gold Company releases your pledged gold from any banks, pawn brokers, financers etc and buy back at best prices.

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