Akshaya gold company

India's Most Trusted Gold Company

Akshaya gold company

India's Most Trusted Gold Company

Gold Buyers

Approach trusted gold buyers in for the best price for your gold. Akshaya Gold Company buys back gold and gold-related items in the form of jewelry, bars, coins or in any format at best pricing from the rest. If you are looking to sell, convert gold to cash, or even want to release pledge gold loan for cash, we help you steadfast in our trading process keeping ethics and policies of our company.

Buying Gold for Cash

The best gold buyers in is always at your services if you are looking to sell your gold. It has now become a collective practice in India to pledge gold in the banks, pawnbrokers, or any financial institution to arrange for funds for setting up a business, buying a house, arranging for emergency medical needs, or any other thing. But with Akshaya Gold Company, it has now become a simple and easy process to get instant cash without the need of much documents. It will be good to pledge your gold for a loan, but it is not advisable to take a big loan against the gold. Hence, people fail to release their pledged gold due to an immense amount of interest rates, which sometimes crosses twice the price of gold price.

Buying Gold at Best Value

If you want to sell your gold at a higher value to top gold buyers, the Akshaya Gold Company is a perfect option. Your selling of gold will not only be secure but in a transparent manner with an accurate value of gold as per the days' online price. When it comes to gold purity check, our expert specialists ensure advanced German-made purity checking device using latest XRF technology to determine the accuracy and purity of the gold.

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Best way to buy gold

Once you have decided to opt for gold buyers to sell your gold, certain procedures are followed, which reflects the norms of the professional gold company. You will have complete satisfaction in selling gold or any precious metal items that give a huge benefit for you. Whether you are selling gold for the first time or you want to release your pledge items, trading with business ethics and professionalism always fetches the best price value.

Why Akshaya Gold Company?

Top gold buyers in near you to buy your precious gold or related gold products. Our representatives are professionally trading and will assess the purity of gold. Process of checking the gold purity is the advanced method using German device with latest XRF technology right in front of you. After purity, we will weigh the gold in a completely transparent mode right in front of the customer that gives you complete satisfaction. We will quote the estimated offer price amount to you after deducting commission and taxes. Documentation verification of your address and Id proofs with purchased bill amount and written consent is required. Once you are fully satisfied with our price, payment will be immediately released against your gold by Cash/IMPS/NEFT/RTGS otherwise, we will return you the precious gold item without any damage.

Please Note: A genuine buyer or a seller always ask for a bill or invoice to sell your gold and related documents that furnishes eligibility criteria to transact the process.


As per the norms, a person must be at least 18 years and above is allowed to transact. Persons between the age group of 18 and 21 years should have the family members or legal guardian with written permissions with their documentation. Seller must provide mandatory one ID and address for verification. Seller is allowed to sell only those items which are purchased and inherited or if it belongs to spouse with their written consent only. Seller is not allowed to sell the articles belonging to friends, relatives, colleagues, or any other persons.